A Tale of Two Fridays

Friday 29th December: Black Friday sends the global marketplace into a worldwide buying spree. The Guardian reports on ‘outstanding’ figures. – Friday 6th December: The United Nations climate change convention is in full swing. Greta Thunberg arrives, saying “I hope world leaders grasp the urgency of the climate crisis”. All week, The Guardian has been […]

Switching off the ‘property porn’

We’ve got programmes about buying a house. Programmes about buying a second one. A home abroad. A home by the beach. A house in the country. About renovating a house. Extending a house. And about building one from scratch. About decorating it. Finding antiques to fill it. Putting your personality on it. About the perfect […]

Don’t let comparison steal your joy

There’s always someone with more money than you. More friends. Better teeth, better skin, better hair. A bigger house. A more prestigious job title. Theodore Roosevelt said that “comparison is the thief of joy.” And in the age of social media, comparison is stealing joy at an unprecedented rate. But in comparing yourself to others, […]

The dangerous narrative of sustainable consumption

Take two people. ‘Person A’ has a car. A yearly supply of new clothes. Imported food. Consumer goods. Plastic bottles of drink, wrappers, straws. Computers. An iPhone. A fully decorated and furnished house. They take a few flights a year. ‘Person B’ has a space to sleep on the dirt floor of a family home […]